25 Minute Psychic Reading


Exclusive offer for ticket holders for our cancelled events. There has been a growing concern about the event and the increasing rise in Florida COVID cases, hospitalizations, cancelations, and deaths. We have no control over many situations, but we can make wise decisions to help us be safer, healthier, and after careful consideration we decided to cancel the Psychic Dinner, but also to offer you something better – a guaranteed Psychic Reading. As you know, going to the Psychic Dinner there was – no guarantee – you would get a psychic reading, but Dr Fahey wants to thank you for believing in his work.

After your purchase is confirmed will be sent a link to schedule your psychic reading. Readings will be available via phone, skype or zoom. The available times for each private appointment will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis. Reserve your place today.



25 Minute Psychic Reading #1



I Can “See” You

Distance private phone, email, Zoom, online Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp Chat psychic readings, including Psychic Distant Healing sessions have proven to be accurate, helpful, and useful. How is this possible? You see, psychic energy is not limited by space or time (e.g., your logic and eyes can tell you when two people are in different rooms, or cities and not touching). On a physical level, this can be the truth, however the psychic mind knows on a deeper level, all people, in fact, all things are making contact and are always connected. The same is true with psychic wisdom through psychic reflection. The psychic mind knows there is no wall or distance between you and any knowledge important to you. Another way of understanding this is by looking into a pool of water at night. Even though the pool may be only ten feet in diameter, it manages to “reflect” accurately the entire night sky, the moon and stars. Now imagine you and every person has a pool of psychic energy within and that transcends time and location. When one learns to calm the mind, body and spirit, they can “See” reflections of anything no matter how far away they may be from another person, place, or thing, simply by looking within. Therefore, know that as long as your name is given, your voice is heard, choice of words in a letter, or photograph is presented to focus on, then I Can “See” You. You will be as close as if you were sitting directly across from me. My goal is to provide honest psychic phone, email and online Chat readings only that will help guide you and provide you with positive healing energy and strength for greater insight and that will empowerment you to look ahead to the future with positive thoughts. With great respect for each person’s unique journey, it is my genuine focus to give the BEST psychic phone, emails and online Chat readings that you can receive and that can be put to use to better your life.


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